Ça fait plus d'un siècle que des gens rapportent avoir rencontré un proche parent du bigfoot dans les montagnes en Arizona. Timide, les chercheurs sur le terrain tentent de l'attirer avec des sucrecries dont il raffolerait. Les scedptiques abondent. First reported in 1903 along Arizona's Mogollon Rim, it looks like a bigfoot cousin. In 1947, a boy scout described an encounter: "The creature was huge. Its eyes were deep set and hard to see, but they seemed expressionless. His face seemed pretty much devoid of hair, but there seemed to be hair along the sides of his face. His chest, shoulders, and arms were massive, especially the upper arms; easily upwards of 6 inches in diameter, perhaps much, much more. I could see he was pretty hairy, but didn't observe really how thick the body hair was. The face/head was very square; square sides and squared up chin, like a box".